Lion (2017)

An umnbeleviable true story, this film is absolutely superb and what an ending.... not to mention it's a true story! 5/5

Matilda (1996)

A great family film which I haven't seen in years! my kid loved the magical powers that she had! 3/5

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

So for the past 5 years my surround sound system has been nicely packed away in the loft and I've had Ghost Protocol recorded on my Sky box since Christmas.....

Put the 2 together and BAM! what a combo! the Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound combined with the awesome action scenes of the film are a winning combination. brill! 4/5

Rogue One (2016) (Cinema)

A brilliant film, I wasn't expecting much and wasn't really in a rush to watch it but Cinema really is the only way to watch this! That Darth Vader scene tho... OMG 5/5

Bad Moms (2016)

Not funny 2/5

Superman (1977)
A super brilliant film that was way ahead of its time.  A film that launched a generation of superhero films and without a doubt the best DC film ever created 5/5

I love you, Man (2009)

In an alternate reality where Ant-Man and Marshall are best mates! It's a bit of a weird film but does had some pretty good funny moments! 4/5

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

A great family film, I've never even heard of this film before today! 3/5