Dolemite Is My Name (2019)


Nativity (2009)

Fun family Christmas film 3/5

6 Underground (2019)

Crazy and over the top, but what Michael Bay film isn't? 5/5

Little Man (2006)

Mental 2/5

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Mate.. this is something else 5/5

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Omg this in IMAX was amazing 5/5

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Superb 5/5

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Superb 5/5

I Think We’re Alone Now (2018)

Good premise and a great cast, I still prefer The Last Man on Earth. 2/5

Brewsters Million’s (1985)

Omg it just keeps getting better and better 5/5

Home Alone 2 (1992)

Classic 5/5

Jingle All The Way (1996)

It's so awful it's amazing. It wouldn't be Christmas without Turbo Man! 5/5

Fractured (2019)

Loved this Psychological Thriller! Avatar dude rocks! 5/5

Holiday Rush (2019)

Is alright 3/5

The Irishman (2019)

Great cast but I think it's overhyped. 3/5

Due Date (2010)

Before Iron Man! He was a man on his way home 4/5

Fighting with My Family (2019)

If you smeeeelllllll - great film! 5/5

King of Thieves (2018)

Really liked this! 4/5

Blinded By The Light (2019)

I only know 1 Springsteen song, I've watched this and I still only know 1 Springsteen song. Sorry.. but this film wasn't for me. 2/5

Yesterday (2019)

I really enjoyed this! it rekindled my love for The Beatles! 4/5

Level 16 (2018)

Weird, Trippy and Kinda cool! 3/5

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

A nice ending to Breaking Bad, 4/5

Aladdin (2019)

I really didn't have any kind of hopes for this film but it surprised me, I quite enjoyed it. 3/5

Office Uprising (2018)

I quite liked this, it could become the new Office Space... with Zombies 4/5

Creed 2 (2018)

Wow! It just gets better and better!! 5/5

Creed (2015)

Brilliant! Just as good as the original Rocky movies 5/5

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Wow 5/5

Pixels (2015)

I quite liked this 3/5

Captain Marvel (2019)

Superb 5/5

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015)

Please put me out of my misery 1/5

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)

What has my life become, kids liked it
Me: -10/5
Kids 1000/5

The Matrix (1999)

20th Anniversary Special at VUE Cinema

The Emoji Movie (2017) 💩

💩 1/5

Shaft (2019)

I really liked this! 4/5

Shazam! (2019)

Fun and silly! 3/5

The Campaign (2012)

OMG how did I miss this back in 2012? Filled with brilliant Will Ferrell one liners! 4/5

How High (2001)

One of my all-time favs! Such a cult classic!! 5/5

Curious George (2006)

Silly but fun! Great kids film 2/5

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

What a weird yet wonder film from the '80s.

With a brilliant cast and filled to the brim with wackiness, what's not to like! 3/5

Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Superb! 5/5

The Campaign (2012)

Quite good, Will Ferrell is awesome as usual 3/5

See You Yesterday (2019)

Pretty good, would be even better if it had a ending! Imagine watching any film ever and it ends 20 minutes before it should. Wouldn't that piss you off? Yeah well, that's this film.

It's a shame really, I was proper buzzin' with the Michael J. Fox cameo. 1/5

From Paris With Love (2010)

I LOVE this so much! 5/5

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Holy shit, this is funny. Keanu makes this film! Brilliant 5/5

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Perfect... just perfect 5/5

Early Man (2018)

A brilliant family film and perfect for the kids 3/5

Time Freak (2018)

Interesting time travel film. 3/5