Skyfall (2012)

It's strange, I enjoyed it more watching it the second time (1st review) probably because I know what's going to happen. Bond didn't seem as lame as I remember, the villain was quite formidable. It's was good. Obviously not as good as Die Another Day (My Favourite Bond Film) but yeah... it was good 4/5

The Lost Boys (1987)

A Great film with an all star (80s) cast and a great soundtrack. It hasn't dated well but Joel Schumacher does what he does best and break the boundaries of traditional film by setting new standards. Cry Little Sister! 3/5

Mannequin (1987)


I think it's got a great cast, awesomely 80s soundtrack, a unique storyline which is what the 80s were famous for, sure the film hasn't dated well but that's part of the charm. love it - probably a bit too much 5/5

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Great film, was engrossed from the moment is started. Special FX is pretty good too. Typical story though.. The UK is buried under snow while America saves the day once again. 3/5

Flight of the Navigator (1986)

It starts off great and brought me right back to my childhood but it soon gets boring and slow. A typical 80s Disney film which I've seen a hundred times before 2/5

Superbad (2007)

"What kind of a stupid name is McLovin, Fogell are you trying to be an Irish RnB singer?"

Totally wacky and zany. This film brought a whole new meaning to the American Teen genre and moved away from the typical cheesy films they were known to be.

It's full of clever 1 liners and awkward innuendoes. Seth Rogan is awesome as a cop. Brill. 4/5

21 Jump Street (2012)

Dude, you just shot him in the d**k"

Fake brothers, John Cena and Mc Lovin's mate, cops, American high school, red plastic cups, loads of hilarious moments. Great film and it's the 2nd time I've watched it and it just gets better. A perfect start to 2013 and a film I'll be entering into my all time favourite movies list. Awesome 5/5