Catch me if you can (2002)

Why is it that knowing that a film is based on a true story makes it better, Hanks and cappuccino are great. 4/5

Cop Out (2010)

Silly family comedy, who know that Bruce Willis is actually quite funny 3/5

The Book of Eli (2010)


Fantastic post-apocalyptic drama, Denzel at his best. Fantastic story and an even better twist. 5/5

Fashion (2008)

An Bollywood film set on the gritty world of Fashion, way too long but never the less entertaining, 2/5

The Rock (1996)

Action flick set on Alcatraz, Sean Connery has still got it! 3/4

Unthinkable (2010)

This film is rough, not in the smooth sense.  Samuel L Jackson is a bit crazy 3/5

Get him to the Greek (2010) [Cinema]

Funny, full of crazy moments, who knew that Russell Brand and Puff Daddy could act? 4/5

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

Another zany Austin Powers film, you can't help but laugh as some of the comic elements of the film 3/5

xXx (2002)

Vin is back and Xander, action from the get go, fun family film 4/5

It's a Wonderful Afterlife (2010)

I really wanted this to be good as I'm a big fan of Sanjeev Bhaskar, but sorry but it's not a good film 1/5

The 41 Year old Virgin who Knocked up Sarah Marshal and felt Superbad about it (2010)

Not good, poor spoof 2/5