Knock Knock (2015)

Holy Moly, this film scared the life out of me! it's absolutely terrifying! 4/5

Good People (2013)

For a film that's set in London it's a bit boring and dull. Loads of things happened but it seemed like even the characters couldn't be bothered. If they just wasn't greedy, the film would be over in the first 10 minutes and I would have given it a 3/5 - 2/5

Eye for an Eye (1996)

It's an interesting film. I was really bored at first but when you get in to it, it's actually pretty good with some disturbing scenes. Jack Bauer was awesome too... as psychopathic lunatic. 3/5

RIPD (2013)

Before Deadpool.... Before Van Wilder... He was a member of the RIPD
Kevin Bacon is in this film, You'd think he's cause me to crave Bacon but actually I just signed up for a 24 Month EE Contact... Damn You Marketing!3/5

Death at a Funeral (2010)

This film puts the Fun into Funeral! With a great cast and a brilliant script this film is awesome! Did I just read that this is a remake from a British film... *Searches Netflix* 4/5

The Other Guys (2010)

Holy Moly this is unbelievable, The Samuel L Jackson and The Rock part at the beginning of the movie is spectacular, I was almost disappointed that they weren't in the whole film.  Still a great comedy with some awesome moments. I'm still laughing thinking about some of them!! 5/5

Step Brothers (2008)

Mental, love Will Ferrell movies.  This is great, full of funny whitty one liners and superb comic moments! 3/5

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

Captain Kirk travels back in time to become the Shadow Recruit, he's a bad ass assassin who is trying to stop the bad guy from killing the American Economy.  A good film but disappointed that there wasn't any phasers or Spock. 3/5

Hummingbird (2013)

Its nice to see Jason Statham in an actual British film.
Homeless man finds an empty flat, squats for a few months then dates a Nun.  Win Win 3/5

Middle Men (2009)

Being a fan of the Wilson Brothers, I was surprised that there was a film starring Luke that I'd never even heard of. It really hasn't been advertised in the UK, I'm not even sure if it made it to the cinema here.  The film is superb, I loved every minute and it had that Wolf of Wall Street vibe with the naration.  The cast is brilliant and I really liked the story... 5/5

Falcon Rising (2014)

Michael Jai White is bad ass! The fight scenes were brill but the film was slow and dull.. 2/5

Survivor (2015)

Booom, Pow, Pow, Pow Slow.. Great seeing London! 2/5

Bad Roomies (2015)

I loved this film, it's very reminiscent of Shallow Grave with the exception that this is very funny.  I loved the banter between the cast and the dark humour is brilliant.  5/5

Skin Trade (2014)

Like Taken but with more Dolph, More Dolph is always good. With a great cast I really wanted to like this film but it was alright. Some of the fights between the 2 Jai's was good but in the end it was boring and predictable. 2/5

Inside Out (2015)

An absolutely superb film, How do Disney and Pixar manage to do this year after year after year. 5/5

Street Kings (2008)

I liked this, it was a little slow and difficult to get into but a good film with a decent ending. I'm pretty sure I've seen it before when it came out but that was before I set up Movies I've Seen. 3/5

Vendetta (2015)

Superman Dean Cain has a Vendetta with The Big Show so he killed some dude, then went in prison and killed some more dudes. Anyway he became bad ass in prison, killed some more dudes. you get the gist of it. The Ending was amazing cheesy "Hey Warden.... See You Soon" 2/5

White House Down (2013)

The White House really was down... not only that! we had Fake Obama with a rocket launcher! a good film but not as good as Olympus Has Fallen. Channing Tatum is actually playing the same role as 21 Jump Street... I actually have a theory that this was set after 22 Jump Street! 4/5

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA, So before Gerard Butler became a Spartan he help the President kick some North Korean ass! I actually forgot that I had seen this film back in 2013 but it's always a pleasure. Time to watch White House Down now. 4/5

Adult Beginners (2014)

A heart-warming family comedy, I know it didn't rank too well but I really enjoyed this film.  I think it had a great cast and a a wonderful story.

The Martian (2015)

It's true those who said that it's a similar film to Tom Hanks Castaway.  This is brilliant, a clever insightful film about being the only person on a planet. Matt Damon was awesome and the Space scenes at the end gave me the same eerie feelings as Gravity did. Space is horrible 5/5

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983)

The Jedi has returned! a great conclusion to the trilogy. Superb ending. 5/5

Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)

Started off good, but like a typical disney film it quickly became boring and predictable.  My kid actually asked me if we're watching the Santa film :) I think that Tim Allen might have become typecast!! 2/5

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Boba Fett makes this film, well actually so does Vader and Luke and Leia... it's all good basically. 5/5

Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

Had to re-watch this after seeing The Force Awakens. This is such a Timeless film, it's a classic and iconic. Superb. 5/5

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

The Force really has awoken. A cracking film. I'm not going to say much about it now, I'll write a full review when it's been released on Blu-Ray/Digital Download. 5/5

Elf (2003)

Has it really been 13 years since Elf was released? 13 years... you're kidding right.. Elf is still at the top of it's game and very closely becoming by new favourite Christmas film... well actually It will never become my new favourite Christmas film as Trading Places will always be No. 1.

Will Ferrell is at the top of his game and the rest of the supporting cast is perfect! Credit where credit is due, the acting, writing and directing is spot on. SANTA SANTA SANTA!! 5/5

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

A wonderful heartwarming family film with actually some terrifying moments for the kids. Another Disney spectacular! 5/5

Bend it like Beckham (2002)

Quintessentially British Indian, an all round classic with some really memorable moments. perfect 5/5

Ride Along (2014)

The only film to really watch after Get Hard.. funny with a bundle of short jokes... Cube is on top form! 4/5

Get Hard (2015)

So so funny.. the film reminds me of Big Stan... except there isn't actually any prison time (Spoilers...)  Anyway my first film of 2016 and it was a cracker... 5/5