The Wolverine (2013) [Cinema]

Has the whole X-Men mutant story been done to death? Apparently not! The Wolverine is a pretty sweet film which shows off some spectacular scenes in Japan (More like a tourist video). The ending reminded me of Iron Man, the robot just needed to fly!! 3/5

This Is The End (2013) [Cinema]

I always like it when celebrities play extravagant versions themselves in shows and films. I loved this film partly because I had no idea this film existed until about an hour before I saw it and that I didn't really know what it was about (the best way to watch a film). With plenty of hilarious movements and brilliant conversations this film has to be 5/5.

Oblivion (2013)

I enjoyed this film it's different. Well Tom is the same but it's a good story with an interesting twist. 3/5

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)

Honestly?? They delayed the film a year? Disappointed, I really enjoyed rise of the cobra but this was a let down. It was like there's no cohesion between the 2 films. Seriously we're are all the original cast members? That dude from Lost? That dude from White Chicks? and that dude from Day after tomorrow? Where were they all? Letdown 2/5

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)

An absolutely brilliant true story of a man who lost his family during the India/Pakistan partition with his journey through hard times and his rise to athletic success. The film perfectly captures the story of Milkha Singh who is better known as The Flying Sikh I loved this film and can't wait to watch it again! 5/5

The Karate Kid (1984)

The original and undoubtably a classic. This is one of my all time favourite films. The cast is perfect, soundtrack is simply amazing and the Good v Bad story works flawlessly. 5/5

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)

This’ll is my first DC Comics animation and I'm greatly impressed. The story is great Batman is badass (nothing like in The Dark Knight trilogy). Is just just me or is Superman a bit of a wuss in the film? Being a Superman fan I was expecting Kal El to be epic and Badaas.

Also, when the team travel to Apokolips to get Kara back from Darkseid, weren't they on a different planet? Doesn't Clark and Kara get their powers from the yellow sun? Apparently not... 3/5

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

Superbly brilliant. Everything about Cloudy is perfect. The cast is great, the soundtrack is awesome and I love it. I can't wait until my boys are old enough to watch it! 5/5

The Purge (2013)

This film is so rubbish it's brilliant. I've never seen a film with so much potential thrown down the drain. Start off great but I was bored after the initial start. It's a shame really. 2/5

Despicable Me (2010)

My Minions! Watching this film 3 years on from its release date, I have to admit that I don't really get the hype.

Sure it's got a great cast and the story is ok but that's about it. I really didn't like the soundtrack which I felt didn't gel with the film or gain any story of emotional response that Pixar are so naturally good at. Overall I'm glad I've watched it and look forward to Despicable Me 2. 4/5

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992)

Gotta love cheesy 90s horror films. At the time they were quite scary but they are quite dated now. Still it was worth a watch. 3/5

30 Minutes or Less (2011)

It's quite funny and has some comic moments. It has a good cast but the film isn't really memorable, I've already forgotten what happens. 3/5