The Last Stand (2013)

A pretty good Arnie film.  It really wasn't what I was expecting... it actually had a decent story line with a good cast. 3/5

Fast Five (2011)

Ridiculous, over the top and mental are a few words I can use to describe this film... In fact all Fast films. This is no exception! Mental! 4/5

Danny Collins (2015)

I loved this, I really did! I love that Pachino is awesome as usual, I love that it's very loosely based on a true story and it goes to show that it's never too late. Whoohaaa 4/5

Pound of Flesh (2015)

Van Damme gets his kidney stolen then he goes on a killing rampage with a Bible in hand to get it back... 2/5 

Trading Places (1983)

My favourite Christmas film even though John Landis said it isn't. Christmas film. A must watch every year with a superb cast and story. "I Can Feel My Legs!!" 5/5

Cruel Intentions (1999)



The Santa Clause 2 (2002)


Scott Calvin is back and he need to get married or something...dunno what happens... Elves, school teachers and De-santafication stuff, entertaining film... Perfect for women who like guys with big red beards and a jelly belly. 3/5

The Santa Clause (1995)

One of my favourite Christmas films, it's made so well and timeless. This is the first time my kids saw this film and they loved it. Santa, Elves, North Pole.... What's not to love? 3/5

The Intern (2015)


This film just confirmed the thing that we all know is true,  Robert De Niro is a superb actor and like a fine wine he's aged with perfection.  This film really suited him unlike Righteous Kill which felt like 2 guys grumbling for 2 hours. 

The film perfectly blends the old and new, the old being the traditional gentleman qualities with the convenes of all the modern technological advances. And De Niro is testament to that. 

All in all, a great film which I've been looking forward to ever since I've seen the trailer. I really hope they make a sequel. 5/5