Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Holy moly, talk about action! It's a good film with cheesy bits. It's like Die Hard but except Bruce Willis, they sent in a Sparan to save The President. God Bless you, God bless the United States of America 4/5

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

It's very difficult for me to like this film as I'm a huge fan of the original Toby Maguire films, but what can I say, the film is 'Amazing'. I love it and it just gets better every time I watch it 5/5

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012)

Wow, love this film, it's the perfect ending to the Madagascar trilogy. Brill 5/5

Man of Steel (2013) [Cinema]

Wow, I didn't really know what to expect with 's rendition of Superman but I didn't expect this...  it's simply put it... superb!

Right from the get go, it's action action action.  The story is different and they have obviously changed quite a few things compared to the Christopher Reeve films.  They have removed the emphasis from the surrounding characters and concentrated solely on the story behind Kal El and General Zod.

I loved the opening sequence in Krypton which was reminiscent of a Matrix/Avatar world with the Pods and flying creatures.

The fight scenes were awesome with both Metropolis and Smallville getting totally trashed!  I especially loved the style of fighting between Kal El and Faora which brought back memories of Equilibrium's Gun Kata, sweet!

2 and a half hours flew by (no pun intended) and so much happened in that I'll have to see it again soon to fully appreciate it. 5/5

Spider-Man (2002)

Superb, Spider-Man has this unique way to emotionally connect with you. I love this film and have decided to add it to my All Time Favourite films list.

For a more details review, check out my previous post Here

Stargate (1994)

Omg it's been 19 years since Stargate was released and with the tech being quite obviously dated the film is still holding its own. I love this film, it's got it all, Action, Adventure Sci-fi with a little bit of romance thrown in for the ladies. I'll get round to watching SG-1 at some point, until then... This will have to do! 5/5