Miss Congeniality (2000)

Lenina Huxley 4/5

Back To The Future (1985)

Simply superb, fantastic and I'll never get tired of watching it 5/5

Wall•E (2008)

Superb! 5/5

The Equalizer (2014)

Pretty cool, simple shorty and straight to the point... Not only did he take out every Russian monster in New York, he even flew over to Moscow and took out the boss. What a guy! 4/5

Trading Places (1983)

A must to watch at Christmas time. My favourite Christmas film. John Landis said in an Interview that America doesn't think of Trading Places as a Christmas film, but it sure is.

It's a film that keeps on giving, every time I watch it I see something new... This time is was a young Gus Fring from Breaking Bad in prison.

A superb film which gets better the more you watch it. 5/5

Kill Dil (2014)

Kill Dil, not Bill... Not s bad Bollywood film but this was different from other Bollywood films, the storyline wasn't great but the soundtrack was awesome. No wonder the BBC Asian Network keeps playing the song below. 3/5