Jackass 3D (2010)

Crazy, just crazy 3/5

Superman 3 (1983)

IMDB has given Superman 3 a 4.9/5 but I totally disagree with this rating. Superman 3 does have its flaws but it's still a great film in my opinion.

I loved the whole storyline with the dodgy Kryptonite and the Evil Superman, it was awesome seeing Clark and Evil Superman fight it out in the Scrap Yard. A true testament to the acting ability of Reeve.

Richard Pryor was cast perfect for the role of August the computer hacker who helped bring a comedy eliment into the film too. 4/5

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow (2004)

Visually Stunning, its quite obviously all green screen but after 10 minutes you soon learn to accept it as part of the film. It actually helps to make the film what it is.

I really enjoyed it but everything in my being tells me I shouldn't. It's a strange mix of retro and futuristic set in 1939 but there are some impressive technologies which are quite similar to the now dated Steampunk era, which was so popular a few years back.

Sky Captain without a doubt puts Captain America to shame.

I loved the huge robots, they really set the tone for the film along with the flying bird like ships. Unique and awesome.

I don't know, maybe I had a couple too-many Shandy's last night or I'm still half asleep but this was the perfect film to watch on a Sunday Morning after my Son woke me up at 5.45. 4/5

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

The second of the Tobey Maguire films starts off great, it's shows Peters human side where he's struggling with the mixed identities, trying to fit everything in and always disappointing someone. Even through this film is 8 years old I still get chills as spidey flys through manhattan, fantastic!

The film is quite obviously more polished then part one and Tobey is improved in his role as Spidey.

My favourite scene in the film is when Spidey is in an elevator with and a guy pops in, the scene captures the humour and awkwardness of the film perfectly.

Doctor Octavius is a formidable character who becomes even more-so after the initial incident. He's a believable villain, well in the context of the film anyway!

Overall, I loved this film it's awesome! 5/5

Titan A.E. (2000)

I've read that Titan A.E. had mixed reviews but I honestly can't see why? IMDB have rated it 6.5/10 but this is defiantly a 5/5 film for me.

The story is based around Cale Tucker (who's a bit of a pain to begin with) he is the last hope for a new Earth as the current Earth has been destroyed by the evil Drej who's only mission is to destroy the Human Race. I kind of liked the Drej, they were pure energy and blue, reminded me of the aliens from a Tomytronic toy I had as a kid.

The soundtrack is great and I think it fits right into the animation of the film if not slightly cheesy, but hey who said cheese isn't good right?

It's a great film which I haven't seen in a few years and I've now got a tough decision to make, whether I add this film into my all time favourites or not. One thing is for sure, I'm buying the Blu-Ray 5/5

Cruel Intentions (1999)

"Whenever I feel the temptation of peer pressure, I turn to god"

13 years ago amongst the pressures of University and family problems rose this film. I was asked to go see this film in the cinema whilst not knowing or even heard of this film it certainly left a lasting impression. The story is great, deception, lies and deceit and that's just Sarah Michelle Gellars role!

I love seeing the Retroness of the Internet 13 years later, the technology may have aged but the story hasn't. The soundtrack is fantastic which has blended perfectly with the film. Rodger Kumble has done a brilliant job of directing this film. 5/5

The Bourne Identity (2002)

Maaaatttt Daaaamooonnnn

Great film, plenty of action and who knew that Matt Damon was bad ass! I love films like these where your not sure what's quite happening. 3/5

The Island (2005)

"You have been chosen, you are special, you want to goto the Island"

A great futuristic film whilst keeping with the true nature of Michael Bay films. It has a similar same style and feel as Transformers.

McGregor's accent is great, it's always a sign of a good actor who can change his accent so easily. Good stuff! 4/5

The Dictator (2012)

"Can you make is more pointy, round is not scary"

Great film but not as funny the second time round and totally surreal. Don't watch this expecting a deep and meaningful film as its full of typical Sasha Baron Cohen jokes. Full off very cheap laughs and one liners in the true nature of Cohen. 

Did I mention the soundtrack was awesome. I actually want to visit Wadia now. 4/5

Wild Bill (2011)

Gritty British drama, starts off slow with a good ending. You soon see why he's called Wild Bill. 3/5

Spider-Man (2002)

"With great power comes great responsibility"

This was one of the first new age super hero films that I really captured and engaged with, the special effects were ground-breaking at the time and still don't look half bad. 

That said I found the film was great, and it takes you through the journey of nerdy Peter Parker to becoming the Amazing Spider-Man with all the troubles and tribulations that come with the role.

Willem Dafoe is not bad as the psychotic Green Goblin but I'm not a big fan of Defoe so it's difficult to take him seriously with him laughing like a lunatic every 2 minutes!

It's always a pleasure to see the Flat-Iron building as the Daily Bugle Headquarters, something that I missed in The Amazing Spider-Man film.

Spider-Man was released in 2002 but teaser trailer of the film were shown from Summer 2001 before the World Trade Center attack which prompted the producers to leave out a very amazing scene from the film.  I've added it below, it's absolutely fantastic and sets the premise for the whole film. 5/5