Zoolander (2001)

Get the Blue Steel Look! before Selfies and Duck Faces were a thing... Derek Zoolander is the man! (Who Can't Turn Left) seriously who makes this stuff up??  Did you notice Vince Vaughn as Dereks brother.... he looked so young! 4/5

Deadpool (2016)

I think that the only words to describe this film is MENTAL! it's crazy.. It's like an R rated Bugs Bunny on Acid... perfect.. I love the whole Deadpool knows hes in a film and that he breaks the 4th wall.  He needs to be in the Avengers!! 5/5

Grease: Live (2016)

I loved this, probably a bit more than I should.  Being a huge fan of the film, I was going to love this regardless.  The attention to detail and the production is unbelievable.  I need to watch the film now! 5/5