Frozen (2013)

OMG my Son loves it.... I've seen it about 40 times. It is actually a good film but when it's on constant loop Grrrrr 4/5

12:01 (1993)

Another Time Loop film which was based on the 30min short. It's very dated and quite obviously made for TV. Still the concept works and the story is pretty good. It even has a staring role for Mr Selfridge himself - Jeremy Piven! 3/5

Repeaters (2010)

I absolutely love Time Loop films... The theory behind the Groundhog Day style really fascinates me. This is a great film with a brilliant twist at the end. 4/5

Old School (2003)

Frank The Tank! Frank The Tank! Frank The Tank! Frank The Tank!

We're going streakinggggg!

Hey Snoop, Snoopaloop

Still is and always be my favourite comedy film. 5/5