Power Rangers (2017)

A Movie 22 years in the making.

How I've longed for a serious Power Rangers film and the day finally arrived!  I was just as excited as I was in 1995, then as a 15 year old teenager watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with Rupi.

Power Rangers just doesn't disappoint. Since the announcement that this will be a Lionsgate film I know it would be epic. I mean that Power Rangers always had the potential to be epic in the style of the modern super hero film such as Iron Man and The Avengers. They've finally done this properly!! I thought to myself as the opening scenes of the Power Rangers on prehistoric Earth started.

The film overall is brilliant, they did spend too long telling the 5 teenagers background stories in my opinion but this was to be expected as it's a total reboot. I do however look forward to a sequel... of course there will be a sequel! they'll be mad not to! 5/5

Logan (2017)

Ahhh Logan... a great ending to wolverine albeit a little bit sad... 4/5

Project Almanac (2015)

I really really like this film, it's a great time travel film and explores the dangers of what could go wrong! 5/5

Jobs (2013)

A good insght in to the life of Steve Jobs, I was actually reading the book while I watched the film to see if there were many differences...  The book is good.. the film isn't 2/5