Rock of Ages (2012)

Loved this film... maybe I shoulden't but I don't care... the story is simple, small town girl moves to the big city... meets a city boy... sound familar? that's because it's very similar to the lyrics of Don't Stop Belivin'.

The film has nailed that feed good factor and has you singing along.  I was surprised how many song's I knew as I would openly admit that I don't know much about Rock music.

Tom Cruse is ace, plays a famous rocker as you would expect a famous rocker of the 80s to be.  Russell Brand is quite funny too but it felt like he was left to the sidelines, something I'm not used to seeing of the typical loud Brand.  I'm still not sure why he had a brummy accent?

My favorite film this year... but it's only April and we still have Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and Star Trek.  I Imagine that it won't be my favorite film this year for very long. 5/5