Elysium (2013)

What a great film! can't believe that I missed it when it first came out but glad to have finally seen it! 4/5

The Founder (2016)

A great film! you can't help feel sorry for the Mcdonald brothers! and it's films like this that really makes you appreciate Michael Keaton! 4/5

Amar, Akbar & Tony (2015)

A film with so much potential! I love the starting... it had me in tears but it soon got dark! 2/5

Passengers (2016)

Great film! although it did leave me feeling weird much in the same way as Gravity did! 4/5

Leap (2016)

A nice family film! 3/5

Time Sweep (2016)

Man I love Spanish Time Travel Films... This was brilliant! a unique and interesting take on Time Loop films! 4/5

The Joneses (2009)

A unique and smart film which got boring very quick. I love David Duchovny but I don't think this role was for him. 2/5

Storks (2016)

A brilliant family film, my kids loved it! 3/5

Split (2016)

What a wonderfully disturbing film 3/5

Wonder Woman (2017)

Talk about Girl Power!

Wow, what a fantastic film! With an all star cast and even some Sikh extras the modern day take on the classic super hero goddess was historically accurate... well you know what I mean! I can't wait to see this film again, it was 100 times better then Batman vs Superman! 5/5